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Star Changelog v2.0 - 03/04/2021
Posted by: terletzky - 03-04-2021, 10:10 PM - No Replies

This changelog consists of a lot of different things, that you will find out in the city. I've narrowed it down to the most important things;

  • Economy Reset (we've nerfed a lot of things in the city, and an economy reset was much needed. Contact any staff on discord or teamspeak if you have questions about this. You will keep 1 vehicle up to 150K, one property and your business/faction)
  • Brand new police station (MRPD is no longer the main police station of Los Santos)
  • Vehicles nerfed (yes, we know. But it was needed)
  • New house interiors added (at least 10 new interiors are added. Talk to any certified real estate agent to aquire your new home)
  • New weapon attachement system (new attachment system added, press F1 to manage)
  • New jobs (Whitelisted and non whitelisted. A lot of new jobs has been added to the city, and can be found in the brand new job center, or by applying through the application forms)
  • Faction updates 
  • Police evidence (Police can now gather fingerprint, shell casing and blood from scene. Wash it away before they come!)
  • New showrooms added (new showroom for REDs Luxury Autos and RIDE OR DIE)
  • Custom tattoos (some tattoos are already added, and more to come this entire month. A brand new tattoo studio interior is also in the city now)

[photo showcase]
[Image: 49lecia.png]
[Image: FjEE7Fr.png]
[Image: MPmqB1r.png]
[Image: p61Ed5v.png]

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Star Changelog v1.5 - 20/03/2021
Posted by: terletzky - 20-03-2021, 02:02 PM - No Replies

So, a lot of things have changed and more things are planned to be changing. Below is a list of the changes done in the past month:

  • Replaced REDs Luxury Imports interior with a more modern one.
  • LOTS of housing MLOs are now ready to be bought, can be found all around the city
  • A brand new real estate and properties script
  • Collisions and lighting fixed in the new luxury imports interior
  • Everyones drug faction and weapons faction has been reset (prices will be adjusted in the coming weeks)

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Star Changelog v1.4 - 04/03/2021
Posted by: terletzky - 04-02-2021, 01:43 PM - No Replies

Another month, another changelog! We've worked hard to get the city to its best state, and we will always continue to fix and bring new features to the city.

Here is the latest changelogs:

  • Fixed some sentences and words that we poorly translated, or not translated at all.
  • Changed some blips, removed some
  • More store robberies added
  • Blaine County Sheriffs Office interior added
  • Added panic button for police
  • Added Heroin, Steroid and Valium factories
  • Made the above drugs sellable
  • Updated MDT
  • Fixed storage box bug not saving ammo and black money
  • Free camera in clothing shop
  • Added some new clothing
  • Added Big Sanj News van and heli
  • Updated jail times
  • Added a vehicle control panel
  • New loading screen
  • Added a public garage in Downtown Vinewood and outside Prison
  • Added a /do command
  • Emergency Vehicles not accessible for civilians
  • Prison work reduces 10% of total jail sentence, instead of random value between 4 and 10
  • Added a /carradio
Some other small fixes might have been done on the spot, and not noticable in this changelog. The above is the most important one.

On behalf of Decadence RP, I wish you all a pleasant day <3

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Star Changelog v1.3 - 24/01/2021
Posted by: terletzky - 24-01-2021, 07:15 PM - No Replies

Since we started this adventure back in late 2020, we've done a lot of changes to make the server feel good, and give a good player experience.

Here is the latest changelogs:

  • A bunch of vehicle handling has been sorted
  • New clothing shop
  • Pawnshop moved
  • Gas station added to MRPD
  • Multiple vehicle shops added
  • Made garage spawn and remove point in the same spot
  • Moved central garage to Red Garage
  • McDonalds removed
  • Added a whole new function for tattoo shops
  • Default starting money changed
  • More bank robberies set up
  • Store robberies only need 1 police active to rob
  • Prison and prison work is moved
  • Added police radar
  • Ability to take hostage
  • Weapon components buyable in the shop
  • Storage box is buyable in the shop
Have a nice day!

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Heart Welcome
Posted by: terletzky - 23-01-2021, 05:58 PM - No Replies

Hello everyone, and welcome to the forums.

I'm very happy to announce the opening of the website, and hope to see a lot of activites her from now on. We would appreciate that you take a look at our rules (link coming soon) and make yourself familiar with them.
The website will be known as "Government Website" in-character, and it is here you can find everything related to the city.

Be aware that the website is still partly under construction, and you may see some changes happening.

Some good-to-know information
Are you looking for a way to join the server, hop in to the TeamSpeak or just want a social place to meet? Use the following information to access our different channels:

Server link: play.decadencerp.com:30120
Teamspeak: ts.decadencerp.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/8eDg9JNa3n

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