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Los Santos Laws


If you see anyone violating these rules, please use the /report to let staff know

1/ Discrimination & Racism There are no exceptions, we have zero tolerance to ANY derogatory comments regarding race, religion, sex or age. Ignoring the above will result in an instant permanent ban from the server.

2/ 'Meta' Gaming Meta Gaming - 'When game information outside of what is available in a game is used to give a player an advantage in-game.' If you are found to be Meta Gaming it will result in a kick or ban from the server.

3/ Common Decency As a member of a community, it is a given that we treat each other with respect and decency. Value your own character, remember the consequences in RP are designed to reflect RL. Treat how you would like to be treated, and respect yourself.

4/ Combat Logging If you are interacting in an RP scenario and disconnect, reach out to an admin so they can relay the information in-game. If you are in an altercation with the police, disconnecting will still result in being reprimanded once you are back in the city - this is not a get out of jail free card.

5/ Death Match Killing or attempting to kill a player without a valid roleplay reason is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. There should always be a strong justification as to why another individual's life has been taken. This rule coincides with Fail RP

6/ Fail RP Fail RP is an event surrounding an action that your character commits that is not probable. If you are unsure, ask yourself - would this be realistic IRL? If so, continue. If not, don't do it.(edited)

7/ Chat Rules /OOC is an out of character chats and should be used as a last resort. If you need a member of staff you can use /report instead, or join our Discord server and use the “Support Waiting Room”. Twitter is an in character chat so be and should be posted in whilst in character only.

8/ Character Rules Please ensure that your character has a realistic name and age. You will need to make sure you can RP realistically, again, failing to do so is another example of Fail RP.

9/ Modifications You are allowed to have Sound, Lighting and Map mods on your account, if you are found to have any further modifications you will be banned. If you are unsure or require clarity speak to a member of the team.

10/ OOC Exchange Charging or exchanging money or gifts for in-game currency is strictly prohibited, and will not be taken lightly.(edited)

11/ Microphone Requirement We want to set the standard of high quality RP in our server, and to achieve this we require all players to use a mic. If you do not have a mic sadly you will be removed from the server. If you are having technical trouble, reach out and we will do our best to help. Push to talk is a requirement in the game.

12/ Realistic Driving GTA driving is strictly frowned upon and will not be tolerated, stick to the traffic laws, speed limits and choose a car that is suitable for purpose.