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Changelog v1.4 - 04/03/2021


Another month, another changelog! We've worked hard to get the city to its best state, and we will always continue to fix and bring new features to the city.

Here is the latest changelogs:

  • Fixed some sentences and words that we poorly translated, or not translated at all.
  • Changed some blips, removed some
  • More store robberies added
  • Blaine County Sheriffs Office interior added
  • Added panic button for police
  • Added Heroin, Steroid and Valium factories
  • Made the above drugs sellable
  • Updated MDT
  • Fixed storage box bug not saving ammo and black money
  • Free camera in clothing shop
  • Added some new clothing
  • Added Big Sanj News van and heli
  • Updated jail times
  • Added a vehicle control panel
  • New loading screen
  • Added a public garage in Downtown Vinewood and outside Prison
  • Added a /do command
  • Emergency Vehicles not accessible for civilians
  • Prison work reduces 10% of total jail sentence, instead of random value between 4 and 10
  • Added a /carradio
Some other small fixes might have been done on the spot, and not noticable in this changelog. The above is the most important one.

On behalf of Decadence RP, I wish you all a pleasant day <3

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