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Changelog v2.0 - 03/04/2021

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This changelog consists of a lot of different things, that you will find out in the city. I've narrowed it down to the most important things;
  • Economy Reset (we've nerfed a lot of things in the city, and an economy reset was much needed. Contact any staff on discord or teamspeak if you have questions about this. You will keep 1 vehicle up to 150K, one property and your business/faction)
  • Brand new police station (MRPD is no longer the main police station of Los Santos)
  • Vehicles nerfed (yes, we know. But it was needed)
  • New house interiors added (at least 10 new interiors are added. Talk to any certified real estate agent to aquire your new home)
  • New weapon attachement system (new attachment system added, press F1 to manage)
  • New jobs (Whitelisted and non whitelisted. A lot of new jobs has been added to the city, and can be found in the brand new job center, or by applying through the application forms)
  • Faction updates 
  • Police evidence (Police can now gather fingerprint, shell casing and blood from scene. Wash it away before they come!)
  • New showrooms added (new showroom for REDs Luxury Autos and RIDE OR DIE)
  • Custom tattoos (some tattoos are already added, and more to come this entire month. A brand new tattoo studio interior is also in the city now)

[photo showcase]
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