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Hello everyone, and welcome to the forums.

I'm very happy to announce the opening of the website, and hope to see a lot of activites her from now on. We would appreciate that you take a look at our rules (link coming soon) and make yourself familiar with them.
The website will be known as "Government Website" in-character, and it is here you can find everything related to the city.

Be aware that the website is still partly under construction, and you may see some changes happening.

Some good-to-know information
Are you looking for a way to join the server, hop in to the TeamSpeak or just want a social place to meet? Use the following information to access our different channels:

Server link: play.decadencerp.com:30120
Teamspeak: ts.decadencerp.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/8eDg9JNa3n

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