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Changelog v1.3 - 24/01/2021


Since we started this adventure back in late 2020, we've done a lot of changes to make the server feel good, and give a good player experience.

Here is the latest changelogs:
  • A bunch of vehicle handling has been sorted
  • New clothing shop
  • Pawnshop moved
  • Gas station added to MRPD
  • Multiple vehicle shops added
  • Made garage spawn and remove point in the same spot
  • Moved central garage to Red Garage
  • McDonalds removed
  • Added a whole new function for tattoo shops
  • Default starting money changed
  • More bank robberies set up
  • Store robberies only need 1 police active to rob
  • Prison and prison work is moved
  • Added police radar
  • Ability to take hostage
  • Weapon components buyable in the shop
  • Storage box is buyable in the shop
Have a nice day!

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